The Bible Code Myth
Table of Contents


Part One:  Introduction

Chapter 1 - Preliminary Matters

- What is the Bible Code and How Does it Work?
- Who are the Critics of the Bible Code and What Have they Said?
- Who Believes in the Bible Code?
- Essential Terminology for Understanding The Fundamental Flaw in the Bible Code

Part Two:  The Bible Code Dead on Arrival:  Textual Transmission of the Torah and Scribal Practices

Chapter 2 - A Short History of the Torah Text

- Beginnings – The Initial Composition of the Torah (time unknown to, at the latest, 300 B.C.)
- Early Transmission of the Square-Lettered Consonantal Text of the Torah (300 B.C. to around 100 A.D.)
- Transmission of the "Standardized" Text by the Masoretes (100 A.D. to around 1100 A.D.)
- Transmission up to the present day (1100 A.D. up to now)

    Chapter 3 - To Err is Human:  The Imperfection of Manuscript Transmission

- Manuscript Errors in MT Due to Accidental Scribal Mistakes
- Manuscript Errors in MT Due to Deliberate Scribal Changes
- Manuscript Uncertainty in MT Due to Text-Family Disagreement
- Manuscript Uncertainty in MT Noted by the Scribes

Part Three:  The “Code” in the “Accepted” Hebrew Text:  The Self-Authenticating Methodology of Bible Code Practitioners

Chapter Four:  The Flawed Methodology Used To "Prove" the Bible Code

- Use Dyslexic Translation Technique – but Only When Necessary


Appendix:  Bible Code Criticisms from Mathematicians