God, Man, and ET 
The original 2003 conference

The University of Wisconsin, Parkside Campus; 
The Parkside Adult Student Alliance; Kenosha, Wisconsin
October 25, 2003

Session Titles and Speakers
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Session Titles and Speakers (nearly 10 hours total)

Richard C. Hoagland - "The Gods of Cydonia: the Case for Ancient Artificial Structures in the Solar System"

David Flynn "The Mars/Earth Connection:  Cydonia in Ancient Science and Mythology"

Dr. Hugh Ross - "Does ET Have a Home? The Probability for Life's Existence Elsewhere in the Universe"

Dr. Paul Nelson - "If ET Called, How Would We Know It?" 

Dr. Michael Heiser - "No Room at the Inn?  Can the Judeo - Christian Worldview Accommodate an 
                                         Intelligent ET Reality?"

PLUS  four hours of panel discussion and audience Q & A


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